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In this segment we will cover:

►  Prologue

►  Introduction

►  Differences between channel-centric and client-centric

►  7 strategies for cross-channel success

►  Postscript


Welcome to this segment of Marketing-Plan-Strategies "Increase Income Without Expense" real estate marketing program.




You have read, and heard, different phrases describing the importance of a marketing plan, such as:

  • "Your marketing plan is the foundation for your company."

  • "Your marketing plan is made up of many different building blocks".

  • "Your marketing plan is the mortar that binds all your building blocks."

  • "Your marketing plan is the cornerstone of your business."

Although, all the above quotes are true, in a sense, a marketing plan is far more important than just a foundation, more important than building blocks or the mortar, it is a lot more important than a corner stone. Your real estate company's marketing plan is tremendously more important than all the above combined.

Your marketing plan is your real estate company's "LIFE'S BLOOD  ".

If your real estate company does not have a marketing plan, it will fail, period. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it, IT WILL FAIL !!!

To have a winning real estate company, you MUST  have, a Winning marketing plan. This "winning" marketing plan must be designed, organized and implemented in conjunction with you, and your real estate company's needs, wants and desires.

This is the place!  Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies is the only place you will acquire that winning marketing program.

Right here, is where you will gather all the information, tools, guidance and foresight, that it will take, to provide your dream, real estate company, with the winning marketing plan.

Right now, is where you could have it all; Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies "Increase Income Without Expense" real estate program at no expense to you.

This, my friend, is what Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies is all about.


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Marketing-Plan-Strategies cross-channel success is all about breaking down barriers between channels and building cooperation. Marketing-Plan-Strategies strives for cross-channeled success. Marketing-Plan-Strategies will bring your company from channel-centric to being client-centric.


Differences Of Channel-Centric And Client-Centric


  • In a "channel-centric" company, one channel typically dominates the others. In this business model, the company is more important than the client.

  • Everything revolves around improving income.

  • Making more money for the company

  • Usually you think first, and foremost, of your real estate company; other channels are an afterthought.



A "client-centric" business is totally oriented toward the prospective buyers and sellers of real estate. Prospective buyers and sellers of real estate decide when, where, and how they wish to engage with you. From the prospect client's perspective:

  • The prospective buyers and sellers of real estate controls the relationship.

  • Prospective buyers and sellers of real estate service is seamless across all channels.

  • Prospective buyers and sellers of real estate see a single face, identity, voice, brand from the company, regardless of channel.

  • Prospective buyers and sellers of real estate have the feeling that the company cares about them and works for their loyalty.

  • Most, if not all, real estate service/products are available from all selling channels.


7 Strategies For Cross-channel Success

What techniques can help break down the tradition in which we all tend to operate? Answering these questions is vital to transforming you, with a “business only” mentality into successful, client-centric, cross-channel real estate company.


The motivation is quite clear; break down the ideas and build cooperation between selling channels, and enjoy greater success. Like most business concepts, that is easier said than done. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind as you develop, and execute, a plan.

Here are seven strategies to help you break down the silo barriers:

Provide (Or Demand) Support From The Top

Marketing-Plan-Strategies wants you to understanding, your top management must support and drive your organization's multichannel strategy. Left to their own devices, every traditional idea-selling-channel will try to protect its turf, its sales, its bonuses...its empire. Marketing- Plan-Strategies successful multichannel strategy is much like successful strategic planning in general: Unless your top management become supporters and are personally involved and committed, the strategy will be, at best, mediocrity.


Reorganize Your Organizational Chart

Your organization must be changed to force traditional-thinking personnel to cooperate. It makes little sense to have multiple functions in your company being involved in prospective buyers and sellers of real estate communication, merchandising, or brand execution. Your company's structure can be streamlined so that every part of the organization is working towards the same goal.


Multichannel success.

Traditional-thinking personnel are probably the most skeptical culprits. They will constantly drag their feet, claiming, “Those direct marketing and Internet people are stealing my prospective buyers and sellers of real estate.”

Organizational planning, especially for an existing real estate service/products company, is anything but easy. Marketing, fulfillment and overhead costs have to be allocated among channels. One group, not two or three, has to work with Marketing-Plan-Strategies to develop a master prospective buyers and sellers of real estate contact plan that works for all channels.


Make It Worth Their While

What better way to motivate people to cooperate in making multichannel selling a success than to show them finical incentives when the multichannel strategy is successful. The “what's in it for me?” syndrome is alive and well. If you will help Marketing-Plan-Strategies make a win- win situation, you will find that personnel are more willing to pitch in to make it happen.


Communicate With Your Prospective Buyers And Sellers

Prospective buyers and sellers of real estate love to be asked for suggestions as to how to serve them better. The better and happier the buyers and sellers of real estate, the more likely they are to cooperate with research efforts involving ways to improve your multichannel selling experience. You can conduct research using formal telephone surveys, the mail, Internet, or even informal questions to buyers and sellers of real estate when talking with them. People are flattered to be asked, “How are we doing?” You will be surprised at the useful suggestions you will receive.


Take Care Of Your Database

The greater the number of selling channels, the more important it is to communicate with buyers and sellers of real estate and prospective buyers and sellers of real estate from a common, unified perspective. A recent study from New York-based digital advertising firm, DoubleClick, on multichannel best practices, had loads to say about the importance of an integrated databases.

Specifically it concludes:

  • Businesses with integrated database systems find they are able to move into multichannel selling quite easily.

  • The client and prospective client database segmentation must drive contact strategy. DoubleClick concluded that RFMP (recentcy, frequency, monetary value and product category) is still most effective segmentation technique.

  • Capture client transaction data from every selling channel is critical to success.

  • Tracking source codes and developing match-back analytical skills will heighten channel measurement.


Promote Cross-channel Selling At Every Opportunity

Marketing-Plan-Strategies recommends the best way to promote the multichannel experience is to let prospective buyers and sellers of real estate know that they can come to your business, visit your business on the Internet, or shop from your printed material. Every prospective buyer and seller of real estate contact, be it a printed material, an Email, a letter, a service call, store signage, or your Website, should promote the alternative ways for prospective buyers and sellers of real estate to make purchasing decisions.

This is a great way to show the prospective client how well rounded and comprehensive your company is, and how easy you make the company-client experience for them.


Portray A Consistent Brand Identity

Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies has found how different the communication image is for many companies from business to printed material to Internet. The lack of brand consistency is troubling and confusing to prospective buyers and sellers of real estate.

All the design elements; layouts, use of color, typefaces, quality of photography, copy voice or “persona”; must look as if they are coming from the same YOU, not two or three companies. You will lose prospective buyers and sellers of real estate fast with inattention to branding detail.


It is not easy to get out of the traditional marketing mentality. Most companies have a tendency to remain hunkered down as they continue to do the same things year after year. But, there is a significant advantage to effective cross-channel cooperation.

As you can imagine, the shift towards cross-channel marketing is not going away; it is going to continue to be one of the most important trends of the future. Yes, Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies is here to help you take advantage of it!



Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies experience, and expertise, will move your prospective Buyers and Sellers from ignorance of your real estate company's services, to some of the most qualified prospective buyers and sellers you could ever ask for; And then onto "clients for life".

With Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies "Increase Income Without Expense" real estate program,  You no longer have to Sell--Sell--Sell. Why, you ask? Because you have now become a:

  • Professional Real Estate Service Provider

  • Highly Knowledgeable Real Estate Authority

  • Personally Trusted Real Estate Adviser

Because of this change your perspective Buyers and Sellers will now become your "Clients For Life".

By partnering with Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies, you will gain an advantage over all your competitors.

This, my friends, is what Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies is all about.

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On behalf of the Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategies team we thank you for lending us your most valuable time. We sincerely hope it was be time well spent.

The  REMPS Team